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Profi-joist uses galvanized pipe clips attached to joist edges. With a fast response time and no need for equal joist spacing's, Profi-joist is ideal for any joisted floor.

The Profi-joist system combines 450mm long galvanised pipe holding clips, which are attached to joist edges. Random joist spacing's are easily accommodated with this system, making it ideal for adding underfloor heating into older buildings.

Once installed, either a chipboard floor deck, or solid timer flooring is installed directly to the joists.


Insulation is fitted between joists, leaving a 16mm space down from the joist top. Pipe clips are fitted along the joist, which hold the 16mm Pex-Al-pex pipe.

After pipe installation, the remaining 16mm deep gap between pipes is filled with Rockwool or similar. The floor is then covered with 0.5mm aluminium sheets, prior to either a structural timber finish floor, or chipboard.

Click to download the pdf datasheet

Suitable Floor coverings:

  • Tile (over 18 or 22mm plywood fitted directly to the joists

  • Carpets with 1.5 tog or lower

  • Structural timber (18-25mm)

  • Laminate

Pipe Centres

This system can be designed with the following average pipe spacing's.

  • 150mm (for 300mm joist spacings)

  • 200mm (for 400mm joist spacings)

  • 300mm (for 600mm joist spacings)

Compatible Heat-source:

This system includes the following items:

  • Underfloor heating manifold - pre-assembled

  • galvanised pipe clips - 450mm

  • Aluminium sheet to cover the heating area

  • Pipe clips

  • Thermostats for each room

  • System control box

  • CAD pipework drawing

  • Electrical wiring guide - first fix

  • Electrical wiring guide - second fix

  • Installation manual

  • Telephone and email support

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