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The Profi-low system is designed to be used in projects where a high output, low profile system is needed.

Profi-low is excellent for use with a heat pump, and can operate with a water temperature as low as 35 degrees. If required, Profi-low has the ability to incorporate more pipe into the floor, as the system is designed for both 75mm and 150mm spacings - again further aiding the heat pump performance.

Installed onto existing timber, screed or concrete subfloors, the finished height before floor covering is just 15 to 18mm.

When installed onto an un-insulated floor, Profi-low is available with a 3,5,6 or 10mm thermal break insulation, pre-bonded to the back of the tiles.

Installing this system:

Attach the pre-assembled manifold to the wall.

Install the interlocking tiles to cover the entire area. Secure to the subfloor with screws.

Pipework is installed following the CAD pipe layout diagram (provided). Pressure test manifold and pipework prior to screeding. Screed using a suitable self-leveling liquid screed to the top of the panels (15mm) or to 3mm over when carpet is to be installed.

Floor coverings are installed directly to the finished screed surface.

Click to download the pdf datasheet

Suitable Floor coverings:

  • Tile

  • Carpets with 1.5 tog or lower

  • Structural timber (18-25mm)

  • Laminate over subfloor

Pipe Centres

This system can be designed with the following average pipe spacing's. 

150mm (for 300mm joist spacings)

Compatible Heat-source:

Heat pumps with 35-45°C water available - supplied with a pre-assembled heat-pump manifold.

Boilers with over 45°C supply - supplied with a pre-assembled boiler manifold which has a mixing unit to reduce the water temperature

This system includes the following items:

Underfloor heating manifold - pre-assembled

  • Profi-low 600x600mm tiles - 15mm high

  • 12mm pipe

  • Thermostats for each room

  • System control box

  • CAD pipeork drawing

  • Electrical wiring guide - first fix

  • Electrical wiring guide - second fix

  • Installation manual

  • Telephone and email support

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