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Underfloor heating for heat pumps

Profi-mix allows a joist or batten floor to be heated by a low temperature heat pump. Heat is stored in the dry screed layer, requiring water at just 40°C

The Profi-mix system allows a suspended or batten floor to be heated from a very low heat source. Using 30-35mm of dry screed, the system will build up and hold heat. It also allows closer pipe spacing's if required to meet the heating demand of the rooms.


Install battens along joists to support 12mm OSB, which should leave a gap of 85mm to the tops of the joists. install 50mm rigid insulation.

Pipework is installed onto the insulation, following the CAD pipe layout diagram (provided). The pipes are then covered with a dry mix of sand and cement, to provide a thermal mass to hold and conduct the heat through the floor above.

Structural floorboards (eg Oak planking) can be installed directly to the joists. Otherwise, a structural floor deck (typically 18-22mm chipboard, or suitable screed board, is installed onto the floor joists, with carpet or tiles above.

Click to download the pdf datasheet

Suitable Floor coverings:

  • Tile (over 18 or 22mm plywood fitted directly to the joists/battens)

  • Carpets with 1.5 tog or lower

  • Structural timber (18-25mm)

  • Laminate

Pipe Centres

This system can be designed with the following average pipe spacing's.

  • 150mm (for 300mm joist / batten spacings)

  • 200mm (for 400mm joist / batten spacings)

  • 300mm (for 600mm joist / batten spacings)

Compatible Heat-source:

  • Heat pumps with 40°C water available - supplied with a pre-assembled heat-pump manifold.

  • Boilers with over 40°C supply - supplied with a pre-assembled boiler manifold which has a mixing unit to reduce the water temperature

This system includes the following items:

  • Underfloor heating manifold - pre-assembled

  • Pipe staples

  • Pipe fittings

  • Thermostats for each room

  • System control box

  • CAD pipework drawing

  • Electrical wiring guide - first fix

  • Electrical wiring guide - second fix

  • Installation manual

  • Telephone and email support

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