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Heat Pump Cylinder

uniSTOR heat pump cylinders

Compatible with Vaillant heat pumps

  • Fully compatible with the Vaillant heat pump range

  • Range of options and accessories to cater for a wide range of projects and requirements

  • Superior insulation and efficiency

The uniSTOR heat pump cylinder range has been designed to work in harmony with Vaillant heat pumps, to provide highly efficient heating and hot water systems. uniSTOR's large surface area and smooth coil design maximises heat transfer, to ensure connected Vailllant heat pumps run at their optimum efficiency, to reduce running costs and increase hot water performance.

General Information

Ranging from 150 up to 800 litres, our uniSTOR heat pump cylinders are available in both pre-plumbed (150-300 litres only) and standard options, giving you and your customers even more flexibility. In addition to this, the 250 and 300 litre cylinders have an increased coil size making them compatible with a wider range of ground source heat pump systems.

uniSTOR cylinders also have a Global Warming Potential of less than 5 thanks to thermal injected insulation, as well as a 100% recyclable stainless steel tank with an ultra-hard-wearing outer shell, to deliver a highly efficient and sustainable heating system.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal injected polyurethane insulation combined with vacuum panels - Superior insulation and efficiency

  • Large diameter, smooth coil technology - Provides quiet operation, reduces build-up of scale and aids in long-term efficiency through automatic descaling.

  • Global Warming Potential less than 5 and ozone depletion of 0 - Designed around environmental requirements.

  • Thermodynamically positioned sensor pocket - Optimises system performance.

  • Expansion vessels included or available as accessories - Complete system solution offering whilst meeting all building regulations.

UniSTOR Heat Pump Cylinder Range Consist of the Following

  • uniSTOR pre-plumbed cylinder:

    • 200 litre

    • 250 litre

    • 300 litre

  • uniSTOR slimline pre-plumbed cylinder:

    • 150 litre

  • uniSTOR standard cylinder:

    • 150 litre

    • 200 litre

    • 250 litre

    • 300 litre

  • uniSTOR large capacity cylinder:

    • 500 litre

    • 800 litre

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