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What you need to consider retro fitting a heat pump

  • What type & age of property do you own - This will help us determine the constructional heat losses

  • Any  drawings available -This will aid a room by room heat loss calculation.

  • Any recent renovation details if any available .

  • Do you have an EPC currently on the property 

Air source heat pumps work most efficiently in the more insulated properties as low flow temperatures and low heat loss allow the heat pump to operate at best efficiency.

In almost all retrofit situations it is necessary to also change the house heating system currently installed, as radiators need to be upsized and greater flow around the system is required.

A poor heat pump design will result in very high running costs , so simply taking a boiler out and fitting a heat pump is not necessarily the only work to do .

It is possible to link a heat pump with the current any fuel boiler and operates on 

what is called a bivalent system where the heat pump takes the load till basically it can't and the boiler takes over.

The current renewable heat incentive scheme runs till March 2022 and the current rate of return is 10.85pence for a Kw ,generated as renewable energy based on a current EPC which will determine the maximum permissible allowance for the generation of heating and hot water , hence the need to minimise the electrical input to the heat pump as this is deducted from the claim .

Domestically the limit that can be claimed is 20000Kwhrs/yr less electrical input .

There is a scheme running until March 2021 which offers up to two thirds of the cost of the install up to 5k , however this figure would be deducted from the renewable heat incentive payment that the system would be entitled to .

To undertake the possibility of installing a heat pump retrospectively, would involve a full house heat loss and financial model detailing the required energy needed per yr 

The value as electrical input and the difference as renewable energy generated eligible for the renewable heat incentive scheme .

This must be undertaken through the MCS scheme by approved and registered providers .

We would be happy to undertake this procedure assuming you feel that on the basis of the above the venture would be credible .

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